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About Us

In 1946 the Magna Mosquito Abatement District (MMAD) was organized to protect the public in and around the district from mosquitoes and mosquito borne disease. MMAD is a Special District in Salt Lake County with borders from 700 North to 6600 South and 4800 West to the Tooele County line. MMAD is governed by a five member board of trustees appointed (one each) from Kearns, Magna and West Valley City. Two trustees are appointed by Salt Lake County. This board has hired a District Manager who runs the day to day operations of the district.

The Magna District covers more than 100 square miles which includes over 20,000 different mosquito breeding sites. Our job is to find, identify and control mosquitoes in these sites in order to best protect those within the district. There are approximately 50 mosquito species found in the state of Utah and 11 of those species are found in MMAD's district.

Most people who think of mosquito abatement, picture us driving around in a “fogger” truck, to control adult mosquitoes. However, “fogging” is only a small part of what we do. Most of our efforts are concentrated on controlling the larvae and pupae populations within those 20,000 sites. In order to accomplish this task MMAD employs 4 crews of two individuals each, who are assigned an area each day. Three of the crews are given specific area maps to investigate for that day. Crews are tasked to find mosquitoes within these maps and based on their recommendation, either treat the area, or mark it as inspected for that week. The other crew is tasked with treating catch basins and backyard ponds.
Magna Mosquito Abatement employs 6-8 employees during the summer for full-time seasonal work. During the summer we are working Monday-Thursday 6am-3pm; Friday 6am-noon. “Fogging” happens in the evening hours on an as needed basis.

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